Move sage assets to the bedrock public root


I thought: would it make sense move the Sage’s dist assets into the bedrock public root (that is the web folder)?
In order to have the URLs like "" or better "/dist/js/scripts.js" instead of "/app/themes/theme-folder/dist/etc...".

Logically it’s something related to the entire WordPress project and so the bedrock project, it could make sense that it’s related to the root of website.

I know that isn’t something you can do in the public repository. It should be a customization you should do in the specific project.

Is it easy to do? Does it make sense for who is interested to that? If so, is there something that explains how to do that?

One could also argue that it is a theme (based on sage) and therefore rather be managed by a separate repository (a WordPress site can have multiple themes installed and switch between them. The twenty themes are usually installed by default).

I’m not talking about to change the repositories, rather create a document to explain this if someone (like me) is interested and if it could make sense and, before this, if it could be possible.