Moving /app and wp/ folders

Hello there !

I’m starting a new project to merge Laravel framework with WP and I need to update my structure.

  • Is it possible to update app/ folder location in root directory with wp/ folder inside and how ?

– app/
– config/
– vendor/
– web/

If it’s possible to do not posing problems while updating bedrock with that new structure too (using composer update or git pull ? not sure how to update…) ?

Thanks anyway.

I’m not sure how your proposed folder structure would work. Files in both app and wp folder need to be publicly available.

You’re right, that won’t work. Instead, I would like to give another name to app/ folder. No more movings.

Does it pose any problem for updating bedrock on future release ?
If yes, what’s the way to update and take my changes in consideration ?

Thanks again.