Moving from roots 6.5.x to 7 in a nutshell

Hey all,

have been away for a while, now have a new project and want to build upon roots 7.
I’ve read up on roots 7 and noticed that the less structure is quite different to 6.5 - which is advantagous keeping certain things separate and modular.

However, where has the media queries section gone?

And: part of the roots functionality has been moved to Soil. If I understand right, I have to use soil with roots now to have the former default functionality?

Also, I would ideally start with customizing bootstrap to my requirements?

I appreciate if somebody could explain the move from 6.5 to 7 in a few sentences and or best/practices with 7.


In practice with LESS, you generally write your media queries nested with your css selectors so that they stay with their appropriate partials. When write them, it’s suggested practice that you use the breakpoint variables supplied with bootstrap. This will make it easier to adjust the grid breakpoints to your needs. As you probably know you should write all css with a mobile-first approach.

As far as Soil: yes, some functions have moved, but roots_body_class was retained for Dom-Routing purposes. I generally will drop the Soil.php file under /libs/ and then add it to functions.php require list. Then toss the soil add_theme_support calls to init.php


Ah, I see! Thanks!

But where have the defintions for the roots_sidebar_class and roots_main_class gone from lib/config.php? Where would I adjust that?

That is now controlled with LESS, if you look at _variables.less there will be a variable for col size, and then if you look in _general.less and _sidebar.less you will see how its done.

Great, thanks a lot!