Moving live site from normal WP to Bedrock - what to think about?


Im potentially looking to move one of my live sites from standard WP to Bedrock. However, the site has quite a lot of visitors and good rankings in Google, so it is very important that everything goes smoothly. So, my question is, anything in particular I need to think about and take care of? A few specific questions too:

  • Redirects? File structure and URLs to images should change I guess, which means I will need to both replace that in the DB, as well as 301 appropriately, right? Anything else I’ll need to redirect?

  • Anything else you can think of that’d be a potential issue?

Thanks in advance, really enjoying both Bedrock and Sage!

Convert the site locally and make sure everything is working. Depending, you may not need many 301 redirects since your site will still be serving the assets. All permalinks should stay the same, other than the WP installation which shouldn’t be on search engines anyways.

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A bit old question, but it might still help someone.

This requires WP CLI to work.

I had a very old WP and had to change it to Bedrock (while rewriting the Theme as well to use Sage), and had to do quite a few DB search-replacements to make it work as expected.

The original page was a root domain installed in a subfolder with the same name as the domain:

FROM PRODUCTION DB TO LOCAL: (for in a subfolder /

  1. Fill in .env, then wp db create && wp db import <exported sql dump from production>

  2. wp search-replace --dry-run

  3. wp search-replace --dry-run

  4. wp search-replace --dry-run

  5. wp search-replace wp-content app --dry-run

  6. wp search-replace wp/app app --dry-run

Remove --dry-run from commands when you want to execute replacements.

Can someone confirm if there’s an easier way, or If I did too many replacements? Tried with just wp-content -> app at first and the domain, but it was not enough. Sometimes media library was empty, sometimes certain images did not work etc. So this was the result I ended up with.