Moving Sage

May be a not-so-professional topic, however i should need to know if there’s a defined procedure (and if it’s fine) to moving / copying / forking Sage and keep developing… i explain my issue:

I built a theme with Sage, deployed, everything is fine.
Now i need to build a similar theme for another usage, but i would like to start from the one i previously built because it save me a lot of work.

I mirrored and renamed the whole theme folder, with node_modules and bower_components, edited manifest.json with the current devUrl and that’s all.

Everything works, but i experience strange behaviour running gulp watch… The theme is unable to load local fonts (like bootstrap glyphicons), but only if managed by browsersync. Navigate to website path after running gulp show the theme just fine…

Browser (firefox) console say to me: download failed: bad URI or cross-site access not allowed… but if i open the source listed, the package is properly there, and served correctly.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

Could be CORS.

Yes, i enabled CORS in apache for working directory /var/www/ and now fonts are loaded correctly… Thanks for suggestion.

What i’m not able to understand is why CORS (i admitted i ignore the esistance of this until you mentioned it) is involved… the fonts are loaded by the local theme folder assets/fonts unless browser judge the request from localhost:3000 to localhost a cross-domain one.

And why the previous theme on wich i was working, on same machine, same configuration, same all… only different local WP install, did not manifesting this issue ? Big mistery of IT?