Multiple Menus -> no classes added

Hi @all.

On my latest project I’m using the Roots-theme for the 6th time, I think, but this time I have a strange problem, that has never occured to me before.
I’ve created 3 menus via “register_nav_menus()” in “init.php”, linked them in the admin-interface and put some pages in. In “header-top-navbar.php” I’m calling them with “wp_nav_menu()”.

The strange thing now is, that there are no classes added to the menus and menu items. No menu-slug, no “active”.

The only difference here to all my other projects (where everything works just fine) is that I have more than 1 menu. Is there a problem when using multiple menus?

Thanks in advance

Are you passing a custom walker object when using wp_nav_menu() ?

it seems to me like it’s this issue: check out the is_element_empty function in your theme and apply the fix:

Thanks very much @slobich! This fix fixed it for me :wink:

Is there anything like a “solved” tag to put in the thread title or something like that?