Multiple websites, shared code

First off I’m new to Trellis, so excuse my ignorance.

Here my need…
I’ll be running 20+ websites websites on a single cloud server. All will use the exact same code/dependancies. The site specific files will live on a CDN and the differences between sites will come down to configuration, living in the database obviously.

Is there a way to configure Trellis so the same code isn’t setting on the server 20+ times? Seems like it would greatly increase deployment speed and decrease storage costs. Thoughts?

Isn’t this exactly what WordPress Multisite is for?

I’ve used WP multisite in the past and it created more problems than it solved. Probably is worth looking into again.

Let’s say for now multisite isn’t an option for whatever reason. How would one go about configuring Trellis to accommodate?

Yes, just make one site and set multiple sites in wordpress_sites.yml (only changing their project & domain names), provision all those sites with the same git repo / site folder. You can then configure each site seperatly.

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I’ll give that at try. Thanks!

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