Multiple WP installs within Bedrock


I’m looking for advice on how to setup and configure multiple - yet separate - WP installs from within one instance of Bedrock.

We’re currently rebuilding a new client’s site using WP provided through Bedrock, and the site is using WPML to provide multi-language support for French and Italian. Originally, we were under the impression that we’d be launching all three “versions” of the site at the same time, which would be just one install of WP, with the FR and IT sites powered by WPML. Unfortunately, that is now not the case, and we need to launch the EN site (default) and take over the hosting of the client’s existing FR and IT sites, both of which are completely separate WP installs. The domains for these sites currently sit at /fr and /it and are simply served from isolated directories inside the webroot on the client’s existing server.

Once WPML is up and running, the FR and IT sites will be served from fr. and it. subdomains, but as we need to keep the existing /fr and /it versions available until the new, WPML-powered versions are ready to launch, we need to serve both versions with no URL changes.

I’ve uploaded both the FR and IT sites to /fr and /it directories within Bedrock’s top-level web/ directory and can see the homepage of each site by visiting DOMAIN.test/fr and DOMAIN.test/it, but navigating to any second-level page or further just shows the 404 page for my Bedrock-powered site, not the ‘correct’ page on either of the two multi-language sites.

Can anyone offer any advice on how I can overcome these issues whilst keeping the Bedrock structure please?

Thank you!

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