Multisite + multilingual, best approach?

Hi again,

i dont know which is the best approach to make a multisite multilingual (first time). I only want Rest API wordpress. (back wp + front nuxt)

Im running a bedrock multisite in subdirectories domain.wp and domain.wp/en

I can use wpml, but i think isn’t the best way because is a heavy plugin (need to install 6 plugins to work).

any other multilingual plugin that can use to achieve this? how can i map the posts in diferents sites?


I am using Polylang (free version) on all the multilingual sites and except for translated slugs (that are only available in Pro version), it works really good. The only real downside with Polylang Pro IMHO is that Polylang Pro is not available as developer edition for unlimited sites like ACF Pro.

There is also TranslatePress (correction: there is a free version) and it stands out with its Gutenberg block translation feature.

Thanks @strarsis, finally im trying multilingual-press.
If it doesn’t works that i hope, i’ll try polylang.

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