Multisite subdomain instructions out of date?

Looking at the docs:

-  if Vagrant.has_plugin? 'vagrant-hostmanager'
-    config.hostsupdater.aliases = aliases
+  if Vagrant.has_plugin? 'landrush'
+    config.landrush.enabled = true
+    config.landrush.tld = config.vm.hostname
+    hostnames.each do |host|
+ host, PRIVATE_IP
+    end
-    puts 'vagrant-hostsupdater missing, please install the plugin:'
-    puts 'vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater'
+    puts 'landrush missing, please install the plugin:'
+    puts 'vagrant plugin install landrush'

But the Vagrantfile in Trellis 0.9.9 has a different block for vagrant-hostmanager:

  if Vagrant.has_plugin? 'vagrant-hostmanager'
    config.hostmanager.enabled = true
    config.hostmanager.manage_host = true
    config.hostmanager.aliases = hostnames + redirects
    fail_with_message "vagrant-hostmanager missing, please install the plugin with this command:\nvagrant plugin install vagrant-hostmanager"

It looks like provisioning a local setup works properly if one just replaces that whole block, but I think the docs should be updated for clarification. Any objections to me submitting a PR?

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I thought I’d done a PR on those docs already…

Yeah sorry, looks out of date after some recent changes for better Windows support. A PR would be welcome :slight_smile:

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:heavy_check_mark: PR submitted:

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