My first sage project

Hi everyone, as I am now at making my first steps with Sage, I will appreciate your help with a couple of questions.
First off - I have bought the screencast, and realized that a couple of things have changed since it was released. So maybe this is the reason why things don’t work for me as expected. I have figured out the menu and the fontawesome issues, having read a couple of posts here, but I am still at a loss on a couple of other issues:

  1. How do I add external assets (javascript and css files) so it can be concatenated and minified as part of the main.css/.js file?
    I have tried to add them to the main asset file’s files section in the manifest, hoping they will all be concatenated and uglified together, but that didn’t happen, with not any warning or error messages. What is the right way to do it?
  2. On the video, Bootsrap is based on less whereas on my installation it is based on sass. Is there anything I should be aware of as a consequence?
  3. If I get it right, the main reason to prefer this concept is to make development time short and unify the way a Wordpress theme is built, maintained and developped. Are there any other benefits in using such a development system?
  4. As I consider buying the book, I must be reassured first: Is the book more up to date and reflects by 100% the theme’s current structure?
    Sorry for this huge scroll and thanks in advance for your help and advice!

Have you looked through and yet?

Please share your manifest.json file if you still need help

Nope, there’s just a slight syntax change for a few things when writing Sass versus Less


Yup, the 2nd edition of the book was recently released which is based on Sage 8.4.0, the latest tagged Sage version.