MySQL connection options with defaults for Vagrant/Azure?

I’ve added a forwarded port in vagrant so I can hit MySQL: :forwarded_port, guest: 3306, host: 3306

with this set, what credentials can I use with a default trellis VM setup (username and password)?

Also, I’ve got my prod VM on Azure that I used trellis to deploy to. If I want to hit it without making a bunch of tweaks to the server, can I just open port 3306 or do I need to use SSH?

I’m using SQL workbench and there’s an option to use SSH, but it has a field for username and password in addition to the SSH key to use which is confusing since my VM in the cloud doesn’t allow a password, only SSH.

Any tips would be appreciated.


Please do a search before posting a question. Using a GUI to interact with the database has been covered multiple times:

If you can SSH to the server, that will probably be better and easier than opening the MySQL port.