Navbar-toggle, collapse, dropdown stopped working, no errors

Hello… navbar-toggle has stopped working.

This happened over the last week but i can’t see what could of caused it.

No errors are logged. Dropdown doesn’t seem to work either. Added example DD to staging site for testing purposes.

The site uses roots and maybe using updated bower packages but not sure how that could of affected it. I’ve tried disabling all the plugins, re-ordering the loading of .js files. I’ve got this setup for a few sites and not had this problem.

I’ve added some examples straight from the bootstrap site and they don’t work either. All of the .js files are making it into scripts.js

var jsFileList = [


Any help much appreciated as this issue is live at the moment!

Might double-check that :slight_smile:

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Thanks ;-/. Isn’t grunt supposed to tell me stuff like this? I mean that’s what i’ve been relying on.