Need experienced Sage theme developers

Hi y’all,

I am looking for theme developers that are comfortable working with Sage (and Bedrock and Trellis) that have immediate availability (or availability in the near future).

I’ve got multiple projects available & they usually come in two different flavors:

  • Rebuilding existing themes with Sage, keeping the same styling and functionality (this usually involves taking a ThemeForest theme and re-doing it so that it’s easier to work with moving forward)

  • New theme builds from Sketch files

These projects have set hours and are budgeted at $50/hr for contract devs.

Please shoot me a message with your availability and links to sites you’ve built :slight_smile:



I am interested and would be able to help you out.
You can reach me on

Best Wishes

Just out of curiosity:

Isn’t rebuilding Theme Forest themes on Sage a suicidal mission (due to having 123231 built in functions and/or proper code quality of most of TF products)? How many hours approx you put into such conversion?

Unless we talk about HTML templates which then makes sense :wink:

I was wondering about this, too. @ben do you mean rebuilding ALL of a TF’s broad, targetless functionality (editorializing!) or just what’s needed for a specific project?

Rebuilding the TF themes means taking what the existing site looks like on the front-end and duplicating it, while making sure everything is still editable (by creating ACF fields)

Most of these sites are marketing sites or WooCommerce sites. Some might not have any special functionality, some might require setting up filtering with FacetWP, etc.

But you definitely wouldn’t be required to convert/move over a bunch of extra bells and whistles from the TF themes that aren’t used :slight_smile:

Hi Ben. We are a small dedicated team that do all our wp projects in bedrock/trellis and Sage.

We would love to jump in and help out.

Have al look at hour page at

Best regards,

Thanks for all the replies, will be reaching out next week!