New Development Environment

I may be way in over my head, but I love figuring these things out. I have a Widows 10 development environment and have a virtualbox install with Trellis install and I’m able to browse to my test WP site.

I’m moving over to bedrock intall and am starting with the prereqs. I need to install PHP. I’m not sure what php-mbstring enabled means. I’m also not clear if I need the NTS or TS version. I assume I am installing this on my Windows machine and not the VM. Any hints/advice here? Thank you!

From there, I’ll move on to installing Composer, etc.

The download page for PHP explains the differnence between TS and NTS:

TS and NTS
TS refers to multithread capable builds. NTS refers to single thread only builds. Use case for TS binaries involves interaction with a multithreaded SAPI and PHP loaded as a module into a web server. For NTS binaries the widespread use case is interaction with a web server through the FastCGI protocol, utilizing no multithreading (but also for example CLI).

I’ve always used NTS.

php-mbstring is referring to a php module that you’ll need to have installed. IIRC it usually comes with PHP, but may not be enabled. Look up “enabling PHP modules in windows” or something like that, and it should walk you through the process. You may need to enable a few other modules (i.e. php-cli, php-xml).

I’m a little unclear what you’re talking about here. Your local server VM will definitely need PHP installed—you’ll find it very difficult to run WordPress otherwise. In general you’ll also want PHP installed on your “host” (Windows) machine as well for running composer.

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OK. Thank you. You are right. PHP would be installed obviously with the VM image since twenty seventeen is running.