New Screencasts or books for Trellis?

I just installed Trellis and got it up and running to my surprise.
I’m very new to Git and noticed when I install new plugins, those plugins don’t show up in git.
I’m sure this is just my lack of knowledge on git but I’m wondering if you’re planning a book or screencast to walk through Trellis features. I’d be the first in line to buy it.

While a screencast is coming, this doesn’t have much to do with Trellis itself.

It’s a Bedrock thing. Since we use Composer to manage dependencies (and therefore WP plugins), we Git ignore the plugins directory. I suggest reading through Bedrock docs to understand how it’s working. But in the end you shouldn’t be installing plugins through the WP admin. But if you do, you need to manually add those plugins to your composer.json file after.

Thanks, I read through the Bedrock docs but there was a lot there that went over my head as well.
I’m clearly missing some basic knowledge that’s preventing me from getting started.

Thanks for the info

Any update on a screencast or any video training for setting up Trellis?

Trellis has grown a lot lately. Once 1.0.0 is out we’ll look into creating some screencasts for it.

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Any update on the training materials?? Looking forward to seeing them.

I have a Bedrock screencast 70% done but nothing yet on Trellis specifically.