Newb installation problems

Hello, I am trying to learn this… i installed everything on my mac from this page and other than some warnings that my mac is old, all went well…

So I’m trying to stall the sample project from here

this is my error, any clues on what to do next?

git clone --depth=1 && rm -rf trellis/.git

Cloning into ‘trellis’…

/Users/justin/.ssh/config: line 2: Bad configuration option: addkeystoagent

/Users/justin/.ssh/config: line 3: Bad configuration option: usekeychain

/Users/justin/.ssh/config: terminating, 2 bad configuration options

fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

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There’s an error in your ssh config file, which is preventing you from connecting to Github. That’s outside of the scope of Trellis. I’d read up on how to configure your ssh config file.

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