Newbie: Bootstrap Not Working on Fresh Sage Install?

I’m pretty new to Sage and I got Bedrock + Sage setup yesterday.

I set Gulp to watch my Themes folder successfully. And I ran the Bower dependancies steps in the tutorial. But it seems that Boostrap CSS isn’t being included.

Can anyone tell me what I’m missing here? Thank you!

did you try running these commands

npm install yarn


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Thanks for the reply. I didn’t do that as I didn’t see that in the instructions. It looks like I could run this anywhere, but before I do I just want to make sure there’s not a specific location I should run that (yarn run build) - such as my Themes directory?

Yes you will do this within your sage theme directory as it holds the yarn configurations and package.json needed to perform the commands.

Thanks, that solved the issue for me!

Do you have any idea why this isn’t in the documentation? Or maybe I’m just overlooking it?

PS you may want to edit your original reply so the first two commands are on the same line since they are actually one command.

Yes, ill edit my answer… I always ran the 2 just incase as a preliminary but you’re right, they are essentially the same command.

I believe the documentation states to run that here in the Sage github repo: under Theme Development -> Install Dependencies

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You’re using Sage 9 which is still in beta; the documentation on this website is for the stable branch, Sage 8.5.

Each has as slightly different method of installing and building dependencies.

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Ah, okay thank you! That makes more sense.

No way! It just took me 2 hours to find this thread. :grinning:
Could we add in the instructions to use the following command?

npm install && bower install && yarn install

or something better?