Newbie help

Hi everyone,

I am new to trellis and bedrock and the whole roots setup.

I was looking for a step by step walkthough article or video that shows how to setup a local development environment and then deploy it to a server.

I tried this one:

and have run into some hitches with it.

Was wondering if anyone had a more latest or updated version that I could try and get my first local dev environment setup and possible deployed?

Thank you,


I’ve watched this, looks good I don’t see what can be outdated, compare this video with documentation and if you stuck somewhere try to find solution, on this forum, because it’s hard to point what exactly you do. A lot of errors was describe here so that can be very helpful.

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Thanks. Yes I watched it a couple of times and was able to get up and running. Left a few comments on the video about what has changed in case anyone else is looking to get setup.

Appreciate your response.


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