Newbie questions

My question is: Is this a friendly place for me to ask stupid/newbie questions?

I’m a junior developer looking for my first official job, and after an interview I was given a take-home challenge. I’m to use sage and Advance Custom Fields to recreate an example web page. I little experience with WP and and zero experience with sage.

We’re happy to answer questions from any skill level, but we try to keep discussion limited to the Roots stack–in other words this isn’t really a “general WordPress/web development” forum. We also prefer questions dealing with specific problems you’re having, or issues you’ve run into, as opposed to “what’s the best way to…” or anything that feels like a “please write my code for me” question. As with any forum, please make sure to thoroughly read the documentation and search past posts before posting.

Apart time that, welcome to Roots, and I hope you enjoy working with Sage!

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I love that Sage features in a job interview test. As a newbie myself, I’d say there’s loads to search for in these forums. Also as Sage uses Blade templating, you can find loads more answers in Laravel docs.

But if your example webpage is fairly simple, then probably all you’ll need is the Sage docs, and learn how to pull in ACF by Composer if you’re using Bedrock as well (presumably, you’ll get extra points for that!!)

Hey @Tech_geck, the video below really helped me with roots.

At 9:42 Just take note that when he creates a local domain, he uses this should be roots.test.

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