Nginx + staging subdomain + no ssl, issues

hi guys, currently i’m learning to use trellis stuff. :grin:

deployed a raw bedrock-wp to a simple unix server as staging:

  • no ssl enabled

  • issues:
  1. [nginx] conflicting server name :persevere:
  2. [subdomain] not working :cry:


  • hypothesis:
    [nginx] deployed twice and the second time I commented out some roles that could affect some variable on ansible templates? :sweat:
    [nginx] possibly the mainstream way of ssl all web, let the “no ssl” stuff a bit lossy?

[subdomain] not sure here, also i’m learning to how wp works out of the box :sweat_smile:

  • or simply do I forgot something? :hushed:

by now I will work with no staging subdomain
regards :smiley:


  1. [ngnix] wp config:

  1. [subdomain] forgot to setup the subdomain record :joy: