Node 8.0.0 / NPM 5.0.* issues?


Anyone having issues with Node 8.0.0 and NPM 5.0.1? I upgraded to it mindlessly via brew update and have been in a Friyay world of pain ever since.

Looks like node-sass doesn’t yet support NPM >4.. GitHub - sass/node-sass: Node.js bindings to libsass

I had installed Xcode command line tools without Xcode a while back. I had to install Xcode to upgrade one of the compilers or something.

Also had to downgrade NPM npm install -g npm@4.6.1 and currently downgrading Node to v7 but it’s danger close to martini o’clock so this might need be continued on Monday.

I experienced a similar issue and simply switched to yarn as a replacement for npm. Have a look at their migration guide, it’s quick and painless. Also you might consider using a node version manager like n or nvm.

Using nvm in trellis deploy hook: