Not able to rollback: specify a different release


I tried to rollback a staging env. deployed before and I get this error:

Currently symlinked to earliest available release. Cannot rollback. You may manually specify a different release using --extra-vars='release=12345678901234'.

How to know which release it should be?
And why this? I just deploy without touch anything else on remote VM…

I need to revert and change the hosts/staging because I want install both remote environment on same vm than production.

I understood it after I deployed when I discovered the staging dir structure that didn’t looks like a multiple hosting setup.

Also, if I changed this in hosts/staging:

+ env_sub_name_dev ansible_host=<IP_ADDRESS>

+ env_sub_name_dev

+ env_sub_name_dev

what will happen if I try to deploy again without Rollback first with this different hosts/staging file?

I have an idea but could be great to have confirmation of someone.

Thank you for any help

You can see other available releases by

  • SSH-ing into your server
  • cd /srv/www/
  • ls -al

However, you don’t have to rollback before deploying a fix. If you’ve just implemented option 1 here you may want to run server.yml then deploy.yml for each environment. The problem in that thread was that sometimes the wrong set of group_vars/<environment> was being used, so your run of server.yml may have used the wrong group vars too. Applying your option 1 fix, then rerunning both playbooks should resolve everything.