On build folders from images directory are not shown in public folder. Sage 10.1.7

In Sage 10.0.0 the directories inside the images folder would be copied over to the public folder when running the build command, but now on Sage 10.1.7 when running yarn build the the .css, .js, .jpg, etc are all just in the root public directory.

I was wondering what the reason for this and if there was a simple fix to make it work the way it did before?

You would use the asset-related functions of the Sage runtime in order to resolve those files from the manifest.

I can’t speak to the reason, but this thread has a workaround: Sage 10 + Bedrock | Image assets not found - #12 by alwaysblank

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Nice. Thank you very much.

This is a bug that will be resolved in Sage soon. Here’s another workaround: Bug: Images in resources/images go into public root directly · Issue #3071 · roots/sage · GitHub