Order of compiling files inside js/plugins folder

Hi there,

Simple question, is there a way to control the order in which the plugin files inside the js/plugins folder are compiled to the script.js file? I want to use both Skrollr & Skrollr Menu plugin, but Skrollr Menu has to be loaded after Skrollr.

The filenames are:

so right now skrollr.menu.min.js is compiled before skrollr.min.js. which causes errors.
Is changing filenames the only way to prevent this?


Manage them with Bower and add them to the Gruntfile as we have done with the Bootstrap scripts.

Ah that makes sense yes, why didn’t I think of that!

So I installed the packages with Bower and they’re installed correctly inside the assets/vendor folder. Is it custom to add the unminified src javascript files to the gruntfile or the minified dist files?


All the other scripts use the un-minified versions, so that it’s easier to debug during development.

Okay got it, thanks!