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[OT] New design/colour scheme?

I just noticed that the primary colours and font has changed in roots discourse and also on roots website (from green to blue). Is this intentional? :smile_cat:

Now I gotta re-do screenshots for my talk on Thursday :smiley:

Yeah I did too. the boxed layout for documentation I do not like that much really. Thought there was nothing wrong with the previous setup really though the blog was somewhat barren.

I smell a re-launch… Readability is somewhat worse then before IMHO.

The documentation layout is almost identical, can you explain this some more?

People hate change. Content in general on the site doesn’t get updated very frequently. We’re trying to change this! Please reach out to me if you have any interest in blogging :slight_smile:

Could you please explain this further?

Could you please explain this further?

Can’t really, I’d have to see the two fonts side-by-side. Just noticed that I couldn’t scan the topics as easily as I could before the re-launch / changes…

Very subjective stuff though :slight_smile:

I guess the new color scheme makes the container with colors stand out more. It makes me see the margins on both sides more now. Could also be the container background versus the white background behind all. Perhaps white on a darker color would be better. That way it looks better and has the text stand out more.

As for blogging. Sure, would love to do a guest post.

I like everything but the new font … I really liked that old font :smiley: