Out of the box Sage looking for assets in wrong location

I’ve just started using Trellis + Bedrock + Sage on and the CSS and javascript are giving me errors when gulp tries to build.

The site seems to be looking for the assets under: http://localhost.dev/app/themes/dsfTheme/dist/styles/main.css, but the actual url is http://example.dev and is set correctly in the manifest.json file. It has no problems updating new php changes.

Browsersync also seems to only work on localhost:3000 rather than the url that i set up through trellis, not sure if that’s related or not.

Any ideas?

This wouldn’t be set inside manifest, this has to do with how wordpress is setup and the assets are enqueued. Check your wp_siteurl and wp_home.

This is working as intended, browsersync proxies your wordpress site.

Thanks, it looks like I had originally missed a change in the initial Trellis set up and then went and changed it after. I had to destroy and recreate the vagrant box for it pick up the change.

A vagrant provision should work instead of having to destroy the whole box