Package management for ThemeForest and CodeCanyon purchases

Heyo -

I see people mention frequently the problem of managing premium plugins/themes with Bedrock (or Composer in general). Usually these conversations revolve around ACF or Gravity Forms, but many of us also fight Envato purchases on projects we’ve inherited (or maybe someone out there is using Envato by choice :wink:)

I built Package Peak to get around this. You authenticate against one (or many) Envato accounts, it pulls in your purchases, and then you have access to them through a single Composer endpoint.

I’ve got it set up with a 30 day, no card on file trial so folks can put it through its paces, so check it out and/or let me know if you have questions.


Very cool, thanks for sharing! I tried signing up to take a peek but it looks like your Stripe key is empty :smiley:

Mind showing some screenshots of what this looks like?

Hey Ben - my Stripe key appears to be set up properly, and I don’t see anything in the error logs that would indicate anything went wrong. Any chance you can send me a screenshot of any error messages you might be getting?

That said, I did already send you an email re: free trials not working quite right, in case that was the sticking point.

Oh! But this is what it ends up looking like with a couple purchases synced up -

Very nice idea… I’m creating a test account right now.

Any ideas on the pricing?

@pablobh Anticipated pricing is $6/mo. Send along any feedback you have - I’d love to know how your experience goes.

Just authenticated with Envato but only some themes are appearing and not a single plugin… Should I wait a little more?

This is likely a problem with how the plugin/theme is being loaded into Envato, but shoot me an email - ethan(at) - with a link to the ThemeForest/CodeCanyon listing for a product that isn’t showing up.

I just emailed you with a bunch of info on the problem. Hopefully it will help you.

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