Page builders. Am I doing it the hard way?

@mattyglover Not really any caveats I’ve found yet! Keep in mind it solely allows you to visually edit wherever the_content() is. It will automatically pull in the fonts for p and h1-6. Also, be prepared to write a good bit of responsive css manually!

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Just an update on this, we’ve ditched Page Builder Sandwich (soon to be “Frontly Builder”, yuck) for Elementor. It turned out to be just too buggy and unweildy for my designer to manage, and she’s in the process of re-templating the pages. I can no longer unreservedly recommend Page Builder Sandwich as a page builder.


Have you worked much with Tailor? I’m comparing four page builders now: Elementor, Beaver Builder, Tailor and PBS.

Elementor creates nice looking elements, but it generates a lot of HTML. It also seems to create a page-specific css file by default.

Beaver Builder seems to be put together nicely, but the “lite” version is so “light” it only has about 5 elements to chose from. You almost need to buy it to really give it a test run.

Tailor wins.

  • Simple, WP-like GUI generates light-weight HTML.
  • Open Source and designed to be extended.
  • Eloquently coded with considerate documentation
  • Easily add your own IcoMoon icon set.
  • Built into it the ability to overwrite it’s partials from a Theme or Child Theme.
  • Check out the Advanced Version (still free) and Sample Extension
  • Only caveat so far is it doesn’t look very active in terms of development at the moment

Thanks, @ben.

Tailor has been dead for a while now, FYI:

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Thanks for that, man. I hadn’t realized it was “officially dead”. I’ve been having a bit of difficulty developing the extension I want for it so am now doubting my decision to extend it. Will look into Gutenberg, which I have only heard mention of recently. The Iain Poulson /Delicious Brains take is insightful.

I have been using Elementor now for a couple of Months, and compared to the other ones I have tried (Divi :open_mouth: :tired_face: ) it is a great improvement.

Having just started to use ACF for custom fields, I do find it challenging to display certain custom fields on pages where I create the templates internally using elementor. Luckily, they have now enabled Dynamic Content in Elementor so you can display custom fields from ACF on any page. It does not support all fields yet (repeater, time picker, google maps ++), so there is still some challenges remaining, but I expect they will push them out over the coming months.

They are very quick to respond to feature requests, (last update they added support for displaying featured image as background on sections, content, rows). Released the same day I realised I needed it! :smiley:

But it does make it a breeze to create custom post types (CPT UI) with any data you want (ACF), on any layout, even archives, author profiles, etc (Elementor (Pro)). ANd they seem to pushing out A LOT of useful features these days. Let’s just hope it does not grow too much and become a drag.

On a side note: Does anyone know about a clear guide to how you can use Elementor created layouts with content that needs to be in a PHP file/template file? I’m not too well versed in that part yet.

I’m finding PBS to be barely OK to work with, but it is getting the job done for our own website. I’d never use it for a site I expected a client to manage. The generated HTML is fairly clean but the editor itself has a whole lot of functionality that just doesn’t work.