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Page template not working but single page is

Ok so I made a custom Post type using the Custom Post type page called “Case Types”. When I first created the custom post type, I noticed I typed the slug wrong. instead of “case-types” y typed “case-type”. When I corrected my error I already made the page-case_type.blade.php file. I changed the slug through Custom Post Type Plugin and then changed the page template from page-case_type.blade.php to page-case_type.blade.php to case (noticed all I did was to just add an “s” to type)… for some reason my single page do work (single-case_types.blade.php) but my page template doesn’t, it takes me to a 404 I am not sure how to fix this. Any ideas?

Have you tried re-saving your permalinks?

Settings -> Permalinks

And also, if your CPT is defined as case-types I think your blade view should be

Note that I’m using a dash instead of an underscore in the blade filename

That took care of it, Thank you so much!