(Paid) video tutorials for Sage 8/9 + Timber/Blade?


backend development is not my passion. I can be considered a fullstack designer. Why am I saying this? I would really love to have someone to create practical tutorials for Sage 8/9 and preferably Timber. Let’s say a simple freelance website, with some CPT like portfolio, testimonials, “page builder” like sections (that might be in a need of repeater field in ACF) etc.

A workflow (GIT) from dev, staging to production would be great addition as well. I don’t care if it is using an open source solution or SaaS like Laravel Forge + Envoyer.io.

If there are people seeking something like this, please connect here. If there are people willing to do this, I am here to talk money. I don’t want a 1 on 1 coach. I want a concrete tutorial (even doesn’t have to be a video) where I can learn at my own pace.

I want to learn to develop “roots”-like websites by myself, but I don’t want to spend dozens of hours doing this. Learning from someone experienced is always better (on a real example).

Thank you.

I’ve done a couple different series on Sage 8 with Trellis and Bedrock. Unless Timber becomes a default with Sage 9, I doubt you’ll se any tutorials for it.

As has been stated in other tutorial threads, the issue is that Roots updates so quickly that new tutorials only are only up to date for months until becoming obsolete.

I’d love to do one on Sage 9, but I probably won’t be able to find the time until maybe this summer.

My setup tutorial should at least be able to give you an idea of how it works (using Sage 8): https://youtu.be/zK1b29Xpmzg?list=PLe_mLQ_8P_P0BnWvKLWgCLg6EW19148Em

I was in your same shoes 2-3 years ago, and I had to learn it the hard way by repetition. Unfortunately, not many people who have the know how have the time.

The reason I did it was because I knew if I was teaching it, it would help me learn it better/faster.


first, thank you for responding. I have already seen your series and thank you for them as well! I am at the point of let’s say average understanding of Sage + Timber + GIT but I needed a practical example (especially of Blade or Timber) of how to develop a small site from scratch.

I think I have found now one resource so at least I have a place to start.

Thanks again.

Glad it was helpful. I’ve never used Timber before, but as far as Blade goes, I’ve found it to be a pretty easy transition (other than a couple woocommerce issues I was having at first).

I’m sure it’s much more powerful than what I’ve been using it for, but so far I’ve only done some basic PHP with it. The important part is just knowing how to change the syntax. Which is really starting to grow on me.

As far as Timber goes, the things I’ve found with the Roots community is that it’s still small enough that if you want something done, a lot of the time you have to do it yourself– that is assuming you don’t want to throw hundreds or thousands at the problem.