Pass page ID to Sober Controller in order to render blade template?

Hi there,

I’m trying to implement some A/B testing in my Front Page template using Sage 9 & Sober WP controller (which rocks btw!) and I was wondering if it’s possible to pass a page ID in order to render a Blade partial with the content from that ID?

For example, in my resources/views/front-page.blade.php:

	@while(have_posts()) @php(the_post())
		@if ($ab_testing->curVariation === $ab_testing->variationKey)
			<section id="ab-test">
				<?= \App\template('partials.content-page', ['id' => $ab_testing->$id]); ?>
		@php($ab_testing->optimizely->track($ab_testing->eventKey, $ab_testing->userId))

In my partials/content-page.blade.php:

@include('blocks.b-page-header', array(
	'title'     => App::title($id),
	'tagline'   => $page_fields($id)->tagline,
	'image'     => $page_fields($id)->image,
	'subtitle'  => $page_fields($id)->subtitle
@include('blocks.b-modules', array(
	'modules'   => $page_fields($id)->modules

I want to get data from my app/controllers/Page.php controller:

namespace App\Controllers;
use Sober\Controller\Controller;
use AcfFields;

class Page extends Controller {
	public function PageFields($id = null) {
		return json_decode(json_encode([
			'tagline'  => AcfFields::getField('page_tagline', $id),
			'subtitle' => AcfFields::getField('page_subtitle', $id),
			'image'    => get_post_thumbnail_id($id),
			'modules'  => AcfFields::getField('page_modules', $id)

But I don’t think it’s possible like this? I get an error:

Fatal error: Uncaught Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalThrowableError: Function name must be a string

Is it possible to somehow pass function parameters to the Controller class functions?

I think what’s happening is that PageFields is getting set up before the template call. You’re going to want a static method so that the method executes when you call it, rather than when the controller is first set up.


Jup that was it, thanks!