Password for web - Power Off the DO Droplet

I would like to create a snapshot of the DO Droplet, and following this guide (, they suggest to run sudo shutdown -h nowbefore make the snapshot.

i tried to run this and the console asks for [sudo] password for web:

I tried with the root password, and with the passwords in the group_vars/production/vault.yml, but with no luck.

Am i missing something?
where I can find this password?

By default in Trellis I don’t believe the web user has a password; it uses SSH keys for access. More importantly, though, the web user can’t reboot the server. You’ll need to use the admin user for that.

i can correctly connect to the server with this ssh, but when I run sudo shutdown -h now it asks for the web passoword.

in the group_vars/all/security.yml, I set sshd_permit_root_login: false

How can I use the admin user? What I should run?

You can connect to the server as the admin user with ssh:


Or if you’re already connected as web you can probably change users with

su admin

And typing the admin user’s password.

You can set or review the admin user’s password in group_vars/[environment]/vault.yml


thanks @MWDelaney.

it was my error, I changed the admin_user in the group_vars/all/users.yml, I completely forgot about this.

Is it better to keep always the user “admin” or it is a good practice to change the admin_user name for security reason?

i switched off the server, and I made a snapshot, can I switch on the server directly from digital ocean or it would be better to do via command line?