PDF uploads


I’m going nuts over probably just a stupid simple thing. But I’ve just created a site using Sage and when I upload images into my content from the wordpress admin it’s all working fine.

But then however when I upload a pdf, it seems to be working but my url to the pdf is not available. I’m getting a 500 http error when trying to visit mysite.com/img/2017/07/mypdf.pdf (isn’t it weird the url is /img/?)

Hopefully someone can help me with this.

The site is hosted using Laravel Forge.

Why do you assume your starter theme is affecting your uploads?

Good point, I’m writing here because I know alot of good wordpress developers answer these threads, of course it doesnt have to do with my starter theme, but I’m hoping someone here maybe could know what causes the issue with the uploaded pdf/url. :thumbsup:

Ok, that’s fine. I’ve fixed your tags though, as you tagged it as Sage when it really has nothing to do with Sage. We don’t have to close the thread in case someone knows the issue here but this does seem like a question for a more general WordPress forum like Stackoverflow.