PHP performance tools

What tools do you guys use for analyzing the performance in the backend?
New Relic? Blackfire? Dynatrace?

I’ve used New Relic for many apps (and languages) and it does a good job. It can get expensive though if you have a lot of servers.

New Relic is awesome but like he said, and I’m sure you noticed, it’s really expensive and when we had it, you needed to commit to a year subscription.

I think personally if you get a really good setup for live streaming and analyzing your server / application logs, you will end up learning almost as much for a fraction of the price.

I use Google Stackdriver for monitoring, logging, and diagnostics of all our servers and individual websites. It’s really a well thought out setup and your looking at something like $10 a month per resource (server) and a few extra dollars to up your log retention over 5gig a month if you need it. They have error tracing and everything as well, plus completely custom alerting on problems.

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