Phpmyadmin or aminer for Ansible configuration

How hard is it to setup the ansible playbook so that Adminer or phpMyAdmin is added upon provisioning?

That would also require nginx.conf update too for

Wouldn’t be hard at all. Here’s an example I found:

I’m personally on the fence about adding it by default.

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Actually thinking about it, I think you’re right.

SSH’ing in with something like Heidi or Sqlyog is probably going to be the best way.

Highly recommend for OS X users too.


@swalkinshaw Would you mid elaborate on why you don´t think it is a good idea to have PHPMyAdmin as a default? I am not arguing with you, just want to understand the reasoning behind it :smiley:

Hackers perform port scans for phpMyAdmin (amongst many other app signatures).

It’s been the back-door to many site break-ins.

It’s generally not a good idea to use phpMyAdmin on production sites.

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kk, got it :smiley: no more phpmyadmin!

@sten_e_winroth it was also just because I personally never use it.

@swalkinshaw - one thing I haven’t figured out yet is how do you login using Pro Sequel (or Heidi ) to login to your various projects hosted on Vagrant systems locally?

The info I’ve dug up so far is a little confusing to be honest.

The default MariaDB/MySQL bind address is just so it only listens on localhost. That’s in /etc/mysql/my.cnf.

You could either:

  1. Also bind to the private network (by default in the bedrock-ansible project).
  2. Use Vagrant’s port forwarding to forward 3306 to something else on your local host and then connect to that.