Please document: DO NOT use .dev

I stumbled upon as I started exploring using WordPress for a upcoming project of mine. Today I decided to give it a go. Using both the documentation online (github) and also a number of youtube videos, I installed trellis and bedrock. All was fine but I could not access the VM from my browser. Took me a few hours to figure out I shouldn’t be using .dev as google has acquired this and default it to https.

It would have been helpful if you can update your github readme, just put a line there to remind new comers to not use .dev (as most youtube tutorials available is using this as an example).

Anyway, now I can start playing with sage.


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We always recommend following our official documentation and resources. YouTube tutorials are going to get out of date fairly quickly.

There hasn’t been any reference to .dev in the Trellis codebase since mid November. We actively communicated this to our users via Twitter and the newsletter while it was happening :slight_smile:


Hi, only see this reply now.

I didn’t use .dev because of some youtube video … just happen to choose that … but it is your call to put in that one line or not …

I agree. I only wasted 20 hours configuring and reconfiguring everything only to realize the problem was my dev domain.

YouTube videos aren’t updated. I actually just thought I was being clever and didn’t even know .dev actually existed, nonetheless that it would default to https. So, I guess I missed the tweet back in '18.

A line in the docs would be pretty helpful and wouldn’t cost anything.

Yes, I switched to localhost domain. test should also be fine.
Or roll your own domain/subdomain.
In any case you can use a CA for testing with proper HTTPS (and HTTP/2), either self-signed or LE for real domains.