Plugin errors?

When ever I try to use certain plugins, I get a php path error like the one here:

Chart_type in /srv/www/

I figured it’s not the plugin it’s self but my configuration of Trellis’s paths/domains?



Currently, my local environment runs off the but as you can see in the error, the plugin is using the identifier?

Any thoughts on how to fix this?

That path is correct. The error you provided is incomplete - what is the full error message?

Here is a screen shot. This isn’t the only plugin that does this but most plugins seem to work ok.

I just realised that it’s not a path error… way to sleepy last night :sleepy: . But how do I fix this?


I’m having similar issues trying to migrate older roots themes and plugins into my Trellis setup. Not all plugins, but a handful of them are giving me errors. Here’s an example:

These issues did not exist before moving the site into Trellis.

Did you look up that error? It’s a very common and recommended PHP setting. Contact the plugin author and ask them to fix their plugin?