Plugin stores required files/folder under site/web/app/uploads/pluginname

I’m using the genesis-extender plugin here:

A quote from the comments in the above:

“The style, function and structure changes made by Genesis Extender are hard coded files that are placed in a /wp-content/uploads/genesis-extender/plugin/ folder created by the Plugin. This keeps things separate from both the Plugin and the Child Theme folders to prevent loss of “data” upon updating either the Plugin or Theme”

I amend the .gitignore file to not exclude the site/web/uploads/genesis-extender folder. This ensures that my bitbucket repo does indeed contain this folder. However, the deployment playbook doesn’t copy the same folder to my remote DO droplet. This is probably by design and would appreciate pointers on how to ensure the above folder is copied across. Thanks!

I would avoid this and not commit the files to the repo since the uploads folder is not supposed to be tracked.

Trellis already copies the contents of the uploads directory between releases when you deploy via the shared folder — you don’t need to do anything.

If you’re wanting to get your uploads from local dev pushed up to a remote server, then manually copy them up or use a script to do so.