Plugins that are not attached into composer.json

A couple of hours ago, I finally ran set up a trellis local dev-env.
I’ve added a Woocommerce plugin with Composer’s require command.
When installing Woocommerce, some related plugins are automatically installed with out Composer command.
They even are not attached into composer.json.

How could I make these “some plugins” are under the version control?
Ways to add plugins without Composer are not recommended?

I find that WooCommerce is a nightmare for this. I have two strategies for dealing with this situation.

  1. Commit the plugin
  2. Satispress

You can install the plugin locally and then put it in your site/.gitignore like this !/web/app/plugins/awkward-plugin/ and then commit it. However if it’s a big 'ol plugin you could end up with loads of rubbish being committed.

For bigger plugins (like most of the WC add-ons) I have added them to my satispress site which is basically a seperate site I run with all my premium plugins installed. Satispress can create a composer package for each plugin and serve it for you so you can pull it in via composer on your main site.

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