Premium plugins/themes with composer


I am curious on how others are handling the usage of premium plugins and composer.
Currently I am making use of Toran Proxy. Everytime a client needs to use a new premium plugin or a premium plugin has an updated version, I do the following:

  • Downloading the premium plugin/theme
  • Unzip the premium plugin/theme
  • Adding a composer file, so composer can recognize it
  • Putting it under version control (Gitlab)
  • Applying the right git tag to that version
  • Making sure the new update is cached by Toran Proxy

I am wondering if I can reduce the amount of steps taken to make my premium content available for composer. For example, is it possible to just ‘feed’ the zip-file to toran proxy, rather than putting it into version control? I am curious on how you guys handle this situation.

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@etc has a CLI for this I think


Two methods:

  1. We have a cli that helps with this whole process, including reading the files and automatically pushing the new version after tagging it.
  2. We have a monolithic wordpress installation called hal that has over 200+ plugins and themes, and we’ve hooked into the update hooks so that whenever wordpress updates them, it automatically updates the repos and notifies toran to reindex.

Now that is cool. This would be awesome to be able to do from a local or staging site, have all plugins updated, then just deploy production with the updates.

Is this something you created yourself, or is it freely available for users to download and use? I am definitely in need of some way to improve the described steps.

We built the system from the ground up but plan on eventually refactoring it for public consumption and releasing it. Right now, a lot of it is hard wired. Just looking for time!


A bit late to the party: I’m using with composer for premium themes like ACFPro or WPML. There’s plenty of others too.

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