Prerequisite: Node.js 0.12.x or can we use 4.2.3? (also a security patch mention)

I have searched, and it is unclear if we must use 0.12.x, or if we should actually be using the latest version/line?

i.e Node 5.1.x or 4.2.3?

0.12.9 is the requirement, right? Any other line will not work?

(p.s, apparently everyone should update to 0.12.9 to patch a security problem).

Hey @guy_b, good question.

I just tested and performed a new Sage install/build using the following versions (at this time, the latest versions) of the tools we require to build Sage (managing versions of node and npm with NVM):
Node: 5.1.1
NPM: 3.3.12
Gulp: 3.9.0
Bower: 1.6.9

Worked perfectly for me.

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excellent, thanks @JulienMelissas

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