Problem when executing production command

When executing “yarn build: production”

the classes that are in views do not matter to the final bundle

│ ├── assets/
│ │ └── styles/

when uploading them by ftp and analyzing the code are not the classes but I have them when I’m developing bone with “yarn start”

They could help me solve my problem.

It’s not clear what your problem is.

When yarn generates your styles, it puts them in /dist, not in resources. The files in resources are the source files.

If your files have been generated and appear in /dist but are not reflected on your site, you should check and make sure that they are being properly enqueued. If you’ve modified the theme, you may have inadvertently removed or changed that.

You may want to read over these sections of the documentation:

the problem was solved in

resources > assets > styles > common > _variables.scss

adding these variables

$navbar-dark-toggler-icon-bg: none;
$navbar-light-toggler-icon-bg: none;