Problem with Bedrock WP_SITEURL and WPML in Multidomain Mode


I just started using bedrock on our first real customer project and was very satisfied with being able to use composer and easy deploys.

Now I had to implement WPML and had no problem using it in subfolder mode (i.e. /en for english). Now the customer requested using multidomain mode using the english domain as an apache alias and making WPML serve the english version on page load.
Trying to set this up I realized that WPML uses the WP_SITEURL as the URL Base in this mode (appending /wp to the default language).
Seemed like a bug to me, so I opened up a support request:

Sadly this seems to be intended and I don’t know what to answer or what to base my argumentation on…

Did any of you experience the same? I don’t really know how to find a solution for this problem.

Thanks in advance for all hints :smiley:

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