Problem with email notification for comments

Hello, since installing roots starter theme, I have had problems with the comments email notification. When a new comment is created, there is no notification email sent out. I have tried changing the email in the user admin area, but it still doesn’t work. Anyone have the same problem? Find a solution? Thanks,


Try disabling and reenabling your plugins and test that the server is sending email as intended. Roots doesn’t alter any WordPress code regarding email.

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Thanks for your response. I deactivated all plugins (Polylang and Simple Share Buttons Adder), and tested the comments again. Still doesn’t send an email notification. And yes, the “Send email notification” box is checked in the Comments panel. I also did another test: I added a new user and checked the box “Send an email to new user”. No email was sent… My development site is localhost, is there something I did wrong while setting it up? Thanks again for any help. Best, Stephan

PS And I also checked my spam, no sign of email notifications…

You’ll need to manually configure your development machine to send email before it will work in WordPress, so this has nothing to do with Roots.

Use a search engine and there will no doubt be a how-to relevant to your stack/program/OS, but this is definitely not the place for server setup support.