Problem With Plugin Permalinks After Production Deploy

Hey guys,

I am trying to solve an odd problem that I can’t seem to figure out the “why” for yet. This is my first project with Bedrock/Trellis, not using Sage theme however. I am using the vagrant dev environment and have my site working great there, plugins and URLs all working perfectly.

I used trellis deploy playbook to production, then sync’d my databases using WP Sync DB plugin, and then syn’c my uploads from local using the upload playbook I found on the forums here. Everything was successful, no errors, and everything appears to be working great. That was until I checked some of my links, mainly for plugins it seems.

Example: I am using the popular Tribe Events Calendar plugin. I have a menu item ‘Events’ that is setup to point to the custom link “/events/”. In the Tribe Events Calendar settings page, I have the main events page URL set to ‘events’. Clicking the Events link on my local box brings me to the correct page, however when I click it on production, I am getting a 404. This was the first deploy of this plugin to production, and everything else about the plugin was sync’d successfully, including settings and the custom post entries and taxonomies.

I also noticed that this seems to be happening with another plugin’s URL settings. Has anybody run into a similar issue? Could this be due to an nginx/apache .htaccess thing? I cannot think of anything else that it could be being that all files including uploads, and even the database were synchronized.

Any help much appreciated, thanks!


  1. Did you regenerate permalinks on production?
  2. Can your access your events page in other ways? Or does it only 404 when clicking that menu link?
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Hey Alwaysblank

Thanks for the response.

No, I did not regenerate permalinks on production. I actually did not realize that was even a thing :joy:

But after some 30s Googling, found out what it is, how to do so, and everything appears to be back to normal now. A little frustrating because naturally I visited the Permalinks page while investigating this error, I just did not click ‘Save’. No biggie, all is well now!

Nice little guide if anyone else comes across this post:

Much appreciated, sorry for the newb question, longtime CodeIgniter/Laravel dev, still learning WP. :stuck_out_tongue: