Problem with set_post_thumbnail_size


I have a small problem with set_post_thumbnail_size.

I activated it with a thumbnail size of 270x174

set_post_thumbnail_size(270, 174, true);

And it’s working good. But then I wanted to change the height to 150. So

  set_post_thumbnail_size(270, 150, true);

But know the thumbails are 232 x 150 . So it’s resizing the thumbnails with proportions. But I want it only cropped down to 270 x 150 .

Just for the record this isn’t really a Roots question. We try and have people ask general WordPress questions on SO or to keep things cleaner for everyone.

You may just need to regenerate thumbnails. There are plugins for that.

Also - I really like using the plugin Simple Image Sizes during development so that I can change image sizes on the fly, like you had to do.

Let me know if that helps.