Problems with gulp --production

Hello people !
as a new user of Sage and a new front-end developper, i learned a lot about the process to create and develop a website. But there are still many things i don’t understand ! for exemple, i tried to use “gulp --production” in order to finish the development of my project, but my local website doesn’t work anymore after that.

And i dont know what to do with it after that. i wonder which files should i send to the ftp in order to make my website visible on the web ?

I bought the book which is really helpfull to understand Sage, but, i am still felling a bit lost and if you have a video tutorial somewhere, i would like to watch it !


Try running “gulp” to get everything working again.

Upload the “dist” folder and skip the “assets” folder. “Gulp --production” will generate files from the “assets” folder and move those into the “dist” folder. You can also skip uploading anything that’s only used locally. This will be things like the Bower and Node files.

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Thank you Pete for your answer.

I also discovered how to manage my javascripts with the manifest.json.

English is not my maternal language so, it demands time for me to discover the whole thing ! but i am sure it worth it !


thanks again for your help.

i followed your advises, but when i uploaded my new theme except the “node_modules” and the “bower_components”, my website online is not working anymore.

Could you help me again by telling me exactly which files and folders i must to upload to make my new WPtheme working correctly ?

Thanks in advance

i may find a similar problem here : Sage 8.0.0 & WordPress Theme Issue

Ok I found the solution : to update the php version of my wordpress website.