Problems with public network and port forwarding

So I’m trying to get my instance of Trellis running a multisite WP install (via Bedrock with Sage on the main site) accessible both across my local network and remotely, and have been running into all sorts of problems. I’ve read all the threads on here as well as all of the Vagrant documentation on this, and can’t seem to get anything to work dependably. Some of the issues I’ve run up against:

Port forwarding: this usually results in either connection refused or no response. I’ve tried various different ports as well as using I think this may have worked at a point with some adjustments to my laptop’s /etc/hosts file, but that still doesn’t help with remote access.
Public network: This doesn’t show up on my router as an ethernet client no matter what I’ve tried, including specifying IP (the router uses the 10.0.0.x mapping, if I don’t specify an IP the bridged network defaults to IPv6), MAC address, netmask. I have other devices on the network I’ve set static IPs for which work fine.
Vagrant Share: I can’t get past the error message asking for ports to be cleared; specifying a port from port fowarding doesn’t help because they return empty.
Browsersync: I’ve had the most success here, being able to specify the port and access remotely. Relative URLs become an issue though (even when using plugins for this, which seems to crash Soil anyway without any full paths) and especially in the WP admin—which I’m not trying to use a lot, but am using Bedrock to host some legacy sites which would require some access. I’ve also had my URLs redirect from http to https (with dev site not using https); this seems to stick in Chrome until browser cache is cleared and isn’t something I’d want to put forward to clients.

I’m now starting to wonder if it’s because of the hardware I’m using (Airport Extreme router and an Edimax AC1200 USB wifi dongle) might be the issue? I spun up a new Trellis/Bedrock instance last night to see if this might work out of the box, and hit the same issues with all of the above but Browsersync, which I didn’t try.

I’ve considered just running separate Trellis instances on my laptop and desktop, but I’d also like to be able to transition between devices seamlessly as well as just maintaining one dev codebase for myself, so I’d rather not if possible. I’ve spent a lot of time on this already, and have pretty much exhausted every option I can think of. Would appreciate any advice or guidance. Thanks much!