Production Not Updating After Successful Deployment

Hopefully, I am posting this to the correct board – if not, I apologize in advance.

I have a local install of trellis/bedrock/sage and I can access it via localhost beautifully. I can make updates and they appear when I connect to my localhost. This is set up through the development host file. It’s perfect.

I then provisioned and deployed my latest build “after executing yarn build and verifying the files are up-to-date”. I am using " ./bin/ development (this is the actual site/domain). It went up perfectly, no errors. I then imported my database and transferred my uploads. It’s all synced and beautiful.

I have Git setup and everything is synced between my local development. Now, the issue –

When I make changes locally and rebuild the site with yarn build, the changes show locally, and then when I go to deploy with ./bin/ development my.actualsite.url the script goes through the entire build and deploy process and it there are absolutely no errors. It shows that it has been deployed to a release folder and on the production server the nginx /current/ folder is pointed to that new release. Yet, when I access the site, the changes have not gone up. There is no caching enabled – the initial deployment still shows on production. I’ve tried deploying several times, even killing the root folder on the development server and redeployed. This leads me to believe the changes I am deploying are not synced/updated. It makes no sense to me though. I’ve read through the documentation and I have followed everything to the T, but I know I am missing something very simple.